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We would like to advise that we carry a large range of service exchange engines. We undertake all automotive engineering labour, offering a guarantee on our workmanship. Our services offer: crankshaft grinding; line boring; reconditioning of conrods and cylinder heads; surface grinding; crack detecting; and pressure testing.

Other available services include the complete overhauling of any petrol or diesel engine with dyno testing. We overhaul all types of injectors and injector pumps, we offer a 6 month guarantee on al diesel pumps and injectors. With each engine that is dyno tested, a computerized dyno report will be issued.

If you prefer us to overhaul your own engine, instead of purchasing a service exchange unit the downtime will be minimal. In order to maximize the output of our human resources factor and minimize the operational down-time for our client-base, we build up a stockholding of reconditioned motors of popular engine models.

The increased turnover in stock has a further spill-over benefit, in that the purchase price of the engine components and spare parts bought in bulk, incurs further savings which enables us to offer keenly competitive prices on our exchange units. We strive to spoil our customers by servicing them with the highest quality workmanship, with the briefest possible down-time for their vehicles.